Mac is out with their new collection of SLIMSHINE lipsticks.
According to M.A.C it is " A new Lipstick combining creamy emolliency with a unique sheer colour pay-off. Finishes include cream, sparkling pearl and metallic. Provides the shine and moisturizing comfort of a gloss but with a smooth, non-sticky finish. Distinctive on and off. Comes packaged in its own stylish extra-long lipstick case. "
They cost around $14.50 each, and are available in 7 new colors and 13 bring back shades. Do check em out on you next M.A.C visit.
I checked out the colors online and am loving it ! Most shades seem like they will look good on any skin tone ! I personally cant wait to try, Lovey-Dove, Cocoamour and Most Wanted.
Text and Image courtesy : M.A.C Cosmetics


Make said... @ February 6, 2008 at 7:48 AM

Wow really !!! I didn't know abt this at all ... will definitely check this line out.

This is a very good blog you have here. I am totally in love with the BLACK theme.

I am excited to see more of your blogs.

Keep them coming girl !!!

An Indian's makeup musings said... @ February 6, 2008 at 11:15 PM

Thank you for the kind words,Make !
I'll wait to hear more from you :)

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