As most of you must know by now, MAC is out with their Spring Summer Trends. Though some of these don't seem "everyday girl" friendly, some looks are definitely gonna be the IT look for the coming summer.
I have posted my most favorite of their looks and how to achieve it, according to M.A.C.

Deep Dynamics

How to Work it?
Apply Nehru Eye Shadow all over eyelid and line the middle of the lower lashline with Pale Yellow Eye Pencil. Line the upper lashline with Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Grey Utility winging it upwards then line the inner third of the lower lashline, extending slightly past the tear duct and the outer third of the lower lashline, winging upwards. Softly blend the eyeliner on the outer corner of the eyes upwards. Using a 239 Brush, lightly apply Dazzlelight Eye Shadow over the middle of the lower lashline for a blended and diffused look.

Now for my take on this look...
Room Light

Natural Light

What I used...

L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye shadow Duo - Soft Fern
L'Oreal HiP Bright Shadow Duo - Bustling
N.Y.C Eyeliner Duet - A Place In The Sun ( Black and gold duo)
Estee Lauder Lash XL Mascara - Black

As you can see, unlike most eye looks - this look is all about the lower lid.
First using an angled eyeliner brush dipped in the dark fern color define the three areas - inner V, middle golden part and the outer dark part in a pattern that almost look like waves.
Now using the eye shadow brush fill up the inner V with the dark fern color.
Next fill up the middle part with the golden shadow from the HiP duo.
Fill up the third part using the same dark fern color. Do not Blend. This is probably the very few times in makeup we hear - DO NOT blend ;)
Then define the upper lash line using either a pencil or a liquid black eyeliner. Also line your lower lash line with black pencil liner, defining your eyes.
Apply your mascara and lastly define the 3 areas on the lower lash using your black eyeliner pencil and smudge it using the angled eyeliner brush such that the edges are darkened.
Thats it !


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