So, how's the weather out there ?

Just kidding.

Have you checked out our new space yet ? Its out here and its called beautyig.com  
After months of thinking of a short yet relevant name, I came up with beautyig- short for Beauty and Indian Girl. Its gonna take me months of explaining this cos its not a real word. Either ways am game !

I wanted to stop by our old home and give you a glimpse of the new one.

Yesterday I tested out an amazing face mask. As I find myself more and more drawn towards Ayurveda and yoga and in general tree hugger stuff, I also find myself trying out all natural products. This is one of those.

I read today in the papers that people who meditated were in general more compassionate towards fellow human beings. Now, we all know the world could use a little more compassion. Lets Om on that 

I've also been cooking up a storm. Check out this home made, fat free jam- its just like orange marmalade, only way more healthier and loaded with lot more Vitamin C. 

I find dressing up my lips, the easiest way to look put together after filling in my brows. These lips stains make things easier for me, with absolute no need for touch ups. And they are a drugstore product !

So whatchu waiting for, come by and make our new home, yours. All are welcome to come and stay over !

Indian Girl


Pratibha said... @ December 8, 2013 at 10:36 AM

How is the facemask by Oilcraft Naturals?

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